Marco Palombi, a Roman photojournalist, has been travelling around the world since the ‘90s collecting images and videos for his reportage.  Ethnic minorities, nomadic peoples, and the contrast between the West and East are the nucleus of his photographic research

Since 2007, he has been publishing his reportage in the Italian daily newspaper “La Repubblica” and in “La Stampa”.

Among the latest countries he has documented are Haiti, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mali, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Iran, Oman, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Syria, Ethiopia and Niger.

In 2014 his feature film “Waiting for Tomorrow”, shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was screened at the International Film, Food and Videodiversity Festival in Trento.

In 2015, he documented the tragic disembarkation of migrants in Italy and the first-aid and emergency treatment at the reception center in the port of Augusta (Sicily). 

In 2017, he went to Kazakhstan to witness the inhumane conditions of coal miners working 600 meters below the surface in the Karaganda mines.  In the same year, he travelled to Khartoum (Sudan) for the ten-year anniversary celebration of the Salam Center hospital, with Emergency Association.

In 2023, receives the Anima Award for the photography.

His recent stories include:
Ethiopia – the dam that erases people and their traditions
Haiti – malnutrition and food safety
Syria – in the houses of children saved from the war
Niger – migrants in the land of the suspended ones

Burundi- together with AVSI in a green country where the youth is taught about the future

Ecuador – Where a part of Amazonia is turning into the black-oil well

Beirut – Ordinary stories where the void is not just someone’s pain

Lebanon – The adventure of little Syrians

Jordan – Zaatari Camp – refugees for 11 years

Tanzania – The beautiful youth at the civil service

Tanzania – In” Kila Siku” center the rehabilitation means community

Moldova – At the border with Ucraine,the stories of the war that doesn’t end

Israel – Palestine – Holy land : Dare for peace

Lebanon – The projects of the Italian Cooperation to address schooling needs and energy insufficiencies

Interview of Marco Palombi – Guardare gli altri e disegnare il mondo 

His shots have been used for book covers:

Abdelkader Djemaï
(2003, nottetempo edizioni)

Maria Pace Ottieri
Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti
(2015, nottetempo edizioni).
Premio Grinzane Cavour 2003,
a book who inspired Marco Tullio Giordana for his movie (2005)..

al-Hakîm Tawfîq
Diario di un procuratore di campagna
(2015, nottetempo edizioni)

Simone Celani, Chiara Celata e Oreste Floquet
Lingue romanze in Africa
(2021, Sapienza Università Editrice)